Mortgage Protection Plans

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What should I have prepared when applying for Mortgage Protection Plans?

Mortgage Protection Plans

When applying for Mortgage Protection Plans, it's important that you're familiar with all your medical information and prescriptions. If you're not, then you could unintentionally provide incorrect information on your application. In this case, your policy may be approved erroneously, which could cause a denial of benefits if misrepresentation is discovered after your death. While you may not have intended to provide misleading information, the insurance company does not have to determine whether the missing information was intentional or unintentional before denying the claim.

In order to avoid this, when applying for Mortgage Protection Plans, be sure to have a complete list of all your medications and dosage amounts, as well as copies of your last five years of medical records. You can provide this list and the records to the insurance company so that the underwriting process is fast, complete, and accurate.



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