Long-Term Affordability of Mortgage Protection Premiums

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Are there any ways to reduce my mortgage protection premiums?

Long-Term Affordability of Mortgage Protection Premiums

Being able to afford your Mortgage Protection Premiums over the long-term is the key to creating a successful policy. Here are some tips for finding affordable mortgage protection:

  1. Combine policies through riders: You can reduce your overall insurance expenses if you purchase spouse and child riders on your policy, rather than giving everyone in the family their own policy. This will raise your Mortgage Protection Premiums for that policy, but will offer significant discounts over having multiple policies.
  2. Be stringent when choosing a death benefit: It may seem like a good idea to just buy a policy with a large death benefit to give your family plenty of cushion after your death, but if you can't afford the premium, it's a bad idea. Instead, be very choosey about which expenses to cover in the death benefit.
  3. Lose weight: If you're overweight, even dropping as little as 5 pounds could put you in a different price range for Mortgage Protection Premiums.



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