Which Spouse Needs Mortgage Term Life Coverage?

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Should a stay-at-home spouse have Mortgage Term Life?

Which Spouse Needs Mortgage Term Life Coverage?

When you're married and purchasing Mortgage Term Life insurance, it's important to remember that the wage-earning spouse is not the only adult in the family who should have Mortgage Term Life coverage. In fact, even though a non-wage earning spouse does not financially contribute toward the payment of the mortgage, he or she does complete other tasks that you may need to outsource if he or she should pass away.

Consider the spouse who stays home and cooks every meal, pays all the bills, and makes sure the house stays clean. If that spouse should pass away, then the surviving spouse either needs to find a way to do each of those duties him or herself, or needs to hire someone to come in every day and complete them. This additional expense can add a financial burden that far surpasses that of a simple mortgage payment.



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