The Flexibility of Mortgage Protection Term Insurance

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How flexible is Mortgage Protection Term Insurance?

The Flexibility of Mortgage Protection Term Insurance

Unlike a whole life insurance policy, Mortgage Protection Term Insurance does not lock you into a costly policy for the rest of your days. With Mortgage Protection Term Insurance, you can have a policy for as little as five years or as many as 30, depending on your personal needs and situation. You don't need to find the money for your monthly premiums simply so that most of it can go toward expensive policy overhead and cash value accumulation, and if you decide to walk away from the policy before the term is over, you have almost nothing to lose by doing so.

Some Mortgage Protection Term Insurance policies even offer a return of premium rider that will guarantee the return of all the premiums you paid if your death does not occur during the term of the policy. Affordable premiums, flexibility, and personalized policy-design options make Mortgage Protection Term Insurance the right choice for many consumers.



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