Spouse Rider Details

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How does a spouse rider work?

Spouse Rider Details

When you add a spouse rider to your Mortgage Protection Term Life policy, you've found a great way to reduce your overall insurance premiums without reducing the amount of insurance protection you have. However, it's important to remember that a spouse rider does not act quite the same way as an individual Mortgage Protection Term Life policy would.

In order for the death benefit on a spouse rider to be paid, the spouse covered on the rider must predecease the spouse covered on the underlying Mortgage Protection Term Life policy. That means that if both spouses are in a car accident and the spouse covered by the rider passes away after the spouse on the underlying policy, only one death benefit will be paid out. Additionally, the rider becomes null and void once the spouse on the main policy dies. So if the spouse on the rider should outlive the spouse covered on the underlying Mortgage Protection Term Life policy, he or she will no longer be covered by any Mortgage Protection Term Life insurance.



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