Reducing Your Mortgage Life Insurance Premium Quote

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How can I reduce the dollar amount of the insurance quotes I receive?

Reducing Your Mortgage Life Insurance Premium Quote

If you don't yet have a life insurance policy and are worried about your potential Mortgage Life Insurance Premium, there are a few things you can do to reduce the premiums you're quoted. These may not be guaranteed ways to reduce your Mortgage Life Insurance Premium quote, but they can help.

  1. Lose weight: Even just a few pounds could put you in a lower rate class for your Mortgage Life Insurance Premium. Start exercising and eating healthier and you could find that it makes a big difference in your bottom line.
  2. Stop speeding: If you have a history of getting speeding tickets, you may not be able to erase that from the records, but you can stop getting new tickets. Making sure there is a decent amount of time between your last speeding ticket and your insurance application can help you get a lower Mortgage Life Insurance Premium.
  3. Quit smoking: Most insurance companies want to know if you've smoked over the past two years. While you can't really get a lower premium unless you've been smoke-free for two or more years, you can tell your doctor when you quit and ask him or her to notate that in your chart. Once you finally reach two years free of smoking, you can then ask your physician to send a letter to your insurer asking for an adjusted rate.



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