Your Hobbies and Your Mortgage Insurance Rates

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Will my hobbies affect my Mortgage Insurance Rates?

Your Hobbies and Your Mortgage Insurance Rates

Many consumers don't realize how much their hobbies influence their Mortgage Insurance Rates. Mortgage Insurance Rates are all about protecting the insurance company from risk. If you have hobbies that are dangerous, like deep-sea diving or rock climbing, they could result in your being charged higher than normal Mortgage Insurance Rates.

During the underwriting process, underwriters may ask you what hobbies or avocations you enjoy. If you have any that are considered dangerous, they may ask you to complete a supplementary form called an Avocation Questionnaire. This questionnaire will attempt to ascertain how often you enjoy your hobby and how much additional risk it adds to your policy. Once the questionnaire has been completed, the underwriter will review it and determine what an appropriate premium might be. It's possible that an extra charge will be added for as long as you take part in that particular activity.



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