Applying for Mortgage Insurance Protection

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How hard is a Mortgage Insurance Protection application to fill out?

Applying for Mortgage Insurance Protection

When you work with a knowledgeable insurance professional, applying for Mortgage Insurance Protection doesn't have to be an overwhelming process. Your Mortgage Insurance Protection application will include many questions about your current and past health, specifically regarding diagnoses you've received from medical professionals, treatment you've received in hospitals, clinics, or other medical facilities, and any medications you take or have taken within the last few years. Your experienced insurance professional with TermAdvantage will walk through each of the questions with you and make sure you understand how they apply to you.

In addition to the medical questions on the Mortgage Insurance Protection application, you'll be asked about your career as well as your height and weight. The insurance company underwriters will look at all this information both individually and together to see how each piece of information could impact the others, and from there will determine whether or not you should be approved for Mortgage Insurance Protection coverage and at what rate.



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