Waiver of Premium Rider

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What is the waiver of premium rider?

Waiver of Premium Rider

One of the riders sometimes offered as an add-on to Mortgage Protection Term Insurance is a waiver of premium rider. The waiver of premium rider waives your obligation to make a premium payment if you become permanently disabled. If you have this rider, then you can avoid a policy lapse due to nonpayment of premium if the nonpayment is caused by a loss of income brought on by a total disability.

The actual terms of the waiver of premium rider on your Mortgage Protection Term Insurance will vary based on the company that issues your policy, but in general, a qualifying disability will meet the Social Security Administration's definition of a total disability. This means that the insured would be unable to work in any profession at all due to the disability.

Like all riders, the waiver of premium rider comes with an additional charge added to your premium. If you decide to add this rider to your policy, make sure you read the rider description in your policy so that you understand the specific guidelines.



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