Understanding Your Health

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What if I'm not sure how to answer questions on the application?

Understanding Your Health

When it comes to your Mortgage Protection Premium, it's important that you understand any health conditions that you may have. It's not unusual to visit your doctor and get a diagnosis of a serious health condition but not actually understand what you have. This misunderstanding can lead you to misrepresent your health on your life insurance application, which can lead to a claim denial.

If you're unsure about why you take some of the medications you do, or what impact a recent health scare may have had on your health, make an appointment with your doctor before applying for mortgage protection insurance. You can even bring along an application with you and ask your physician if there are any particular conditions on the application that you should state you have. The more you know and understand about your own health, the more accurate your Mortgage Protection Premium is going to be, and the safer your death benefit proceeds are.



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