Hobbies and Mortgage Protection Costs

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How do hobbies affect my Mortgage Protection Costs?

Hobbies and Mortgage Protection Costs

While some people enjoy safe, mundane hobbies, other people get their kicks doing wild and dangerous activities. Those in need of adrenaline rushes on a regular basis could face steep Mortgage Protection Costs.

For example, think about knitting. The risk of injury, while certainly present, is extremely low. The risk of a deadly injury while knitting is next to nothing. That means that someone whose hobby is knitting is not indulging in a pastime that increases an insurance company's risk, and will therefore not incur increased Mortgage Protection Costs as a result.

Now think about a hobby like bungee jumping. Naturally, the equipment is checked before each jump, and safety precautions like helmets, proper clothing and shoes, proper length of cord, and professional training are all employed—but the risk of injury and death are still far greater when bungee jumping than they are while knitting. That exponentially increased risk will result in increased Mortgage Protection Costs.



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