Mortgage Life Insurance Rates

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How do life insurance rates work?

Mortgage Life Insurance Rates

Mortgage Life Insurance Rates are structured in such a way that the healthiest applicants are given the least expensive rates. This structure of Mortgage Life Insurance Rates is due to the statistical findings that healthy people are less likely to die after having paid in only a few premiums. Mortgage Life Insurance Rates are also determined in part by the consideration of the moral turpitude of each applicant. Moral turpitude refers to the likelihood that a person will act in a depraved manner. If you have information on your Motor Vehicle Report or MIB report that indicates that you may be a consistent lawbreaker or that you may have lied on your application, your moral turpitude will be questioned.

Of course, there is no guarantee that every healthy individual who has been given inexpensive Mortgage Life Insurance Rates will live a long life—accidents and unexpected illnesses can befall anyone, and that risk is factored in to all rates.



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