Paramedical Exams

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Are there any kind of exams I will need to take?

Paramedical Exams

When underwriting your Mortgage Life Insurance policy, an underwriter might find something in your medical records that prompts a request for a paramedical exam. Paramedical exams can even be requested simply because of the combination of your age, weight, and death benefit. But don't worry—paramedical exams are quick, easy, and convenient.

During a paramedical exam, a medical professional will come to your home or office and complete several tests. These may include taking a urine or blood sample, your weight, or a blood pressure reading. They also may ask you a series of questions about your health and medical history.

Paramedical exams are nothing to worry about. They work around your schedule and come to your location to meet you. They're quick and convenient, and they give Mortgage Life Insurance underwriters some hard data to work with that can help them give you the best Mortgage Life Insurance rates possible.



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