Why You Need Mortgage Insurance

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Should you buy mortgage insurance if you are healthy?

Why You Need Mortgage Insurance

Searching for a Mortgage Insurance Premium that you can afford and are happy to pay might seem like an impossible task. Depending on how optimistic you are, you might even consider not buying insurance at all simply because you don't want to part with the money that's required for a Mortgage Insurance Premium that may never pay out.

It's important that you remember that this Mortgage Insurance Premium is dedicated toward saving the largest asset you have from foreclosure or sale after your death. This Mortgage Insurance Premium, while it may seem unnecessary as you play Frisbee in the park and cook dinner with your kids, is more than necessary if something should happen to you.

Look at your Mortgage Insurance Premium as an investment in your family's financial future. The funds they receive in this death benefit could mean the difference between attending college, keeping their home, and retaining some semblance of family life after you're no longer there with them.



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