Mortgage Protection Exclusions and Limitations

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Are there any limitations to the payment of a death benefit?

Mortgage Protection Exclusions and Limitations

Your Mortgage Protection policy probably features several exclusions and limitations that prevent a death benefit from being paid. If you purposefully put yourself in harm's way, your Mortgage Protection policy will become null and void, and your death claim will not be paid. While many things, including construction work and driving, could be considered "putting yourself in harm's way," for the purpose of Mortgage Protection, these exclusions and limitations are for more voluntary and unnecessary situations.

For instance, if you're involved in war, political activism, committing a crime, or taking part in a riot and your death occurs, depending on your Mortgage Protection policy exclusions and limitations, your death might not result in the payment of your death benefit. The purpose of Mortgage Protection isn't to give insured individuals the allowance to put themselves in harm's way unnecessarily-it's to compensate the beneficiary(ies) who has unexpectedly lost a loved one who died as a result of an illness or accident.



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