Medical Information Bureau

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Can I obtain my own MIB and check for mistakes?

Medical Information Bureau

It's impossible to know exactly what your official Mortgage Insurance Quote will be when you have no idea what the insurance underwriters will find on you in your Medical Information Bureau report (MIB). Your MIB will show any medical issues that have been found and reported by other life, health, or long-term care insurers and will show how often you've applied for insurance recently. Just like a credit report, your MIB report can have mistakes on it.

Rather than waiting until you get the final Mortgage Insurance Quote from your underwriter, you may want to pull a copy of your MIB report yourself prior to applying for insurance. That way, you can check on the conditions that have been reported to MIB and confirm their validity.

In order to get a copy of your MIB report, visit and find out how to call or write for your records.



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