Mortgage Protection Rates and Policy Value

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Should rates be my only concern when shopping for mortgage life insurance?

Mortgage Protection Rates and Policy Value

While Mortgage Protection Rates are always a factor when you're searching for mortgage life insurance, the rate should not be your only concern. In fact, you should be looking for Mortgage Protection Rates that reflect the value aspect of your policy. You can buy any cheap insurance policy, but if it doesn't offer any value to you or your family, then it's a waste of money.

Instead of focusing exclusively on Mortgage Protection Rates when shopping for insurance, focus on the value that the potential policy offers you and your family. Does it offer the riders that you want? Does it provide for any kind of waiver of premium if you should become disabled, or accelerated payment if you should become terminally ill? There is a lot more involved in a policy than just the Mortgage Protection Rates you're offered, so be sure to keep that in mind as you shop.



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