Learning How to Compare Mortgage Insurance

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How do you Compare Mortgage Insurance policies?

Learning How to Compare Mortgage Insurance

When you Compare Mortgage Insurance, you aren't getting a valid picture of the true differences unless you attempt to compare apples to oranges. If Policy A has a $2,500 deductible and a dwelling benefit of $150,000 and Policy B has no deductible but a benefit that pays out on your death in the amount of $150,000, the second policy is probably going to be less expensive—but it may not be the right policy for you and is certainly not offering the same benefit. After all, Policy A pays for insurable events that occur while you're living, while Policy B only offers a benefit once you're deceased, leaving you completely uncovered while you're living.

That's why it is so important to understand the policies in front of you before you compare them—when you Compare Mortgage Insurance policies, you're doing more than just checking prices, you're determining which policy will be the best one to protect the financial interests and future of you and your family.



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